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Low Level Bureaucrats 2: (Karl) Love Story. Karl Love attempts to bring legalized gambling to Beatown, the fictional town that I have loosely…okay, not so loosely…based on Baltimore (maybe with a little Portland thrown in). This story really seemed to write itself. Yes, get 11 and 12 together and you cannot go wrong!

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Davezine moves into the next phase, as I give you my first short novella. Low Level Bureaucrats is the story of a man who runs for Mayor on a platform of eliminating all the meter maids. The cover and layout were done by Josh Kagan and Cory Adcock-Camp, and Davezine has never looked better.

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All about my move to Portland, I had an amazing amount of bad experiences, which of course are always more interesting than the good ones. I think if you don’t actually know me personally, this is as close as it gets. I love this issue, and I hope you will, too.