Davey G and the Keyboard Genesis and early History and later history encompassing the present and maybe even the future.

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Part 4: March 19, 2005-present--It’s the Return of Davey G!
The party was Saturday, March 19th. It is almost three years since the show at Spotlighters, meant as a release party for the new Davezine, Number 11: Low Level Bureaucrats. I set up the bands and planned to play, but really only as a supplement to the zine. But by the end of the night I realized that there was still a place in the world for Davey G and the Keyboard.
11:20, Drug Mule starts a 20 minute free form noise jam, as I wait for a crowd to form. Golden West kids, Dougherty’s people, random others, and we take in about 48 paid people.
The Beat Machine plays next, and he does well. When Doug finishes I go to set up, which basically just involves jerry-rigging a mic stand and plugging in to Doug’s equipment. By now I’ve had enough beer to be very relaxed, yet still focused, just the right combination for a performance.
I do “Drinking Beer at Grandma’s House,” “Sandwich,” “Bed,” “Milwaukee,” and pretty much everything off of “Have you Experienced the Experience?” and the crowd of old school fans from the Golden West, Brat, and close friends are screaming at the top of their lungs. It is really surreal for me. I’m joined at every chorus of every song as drunken people know my lyrics better than I do.
I finally get to the Lotion bit, I finish with “Man-Friend,” (I just decided the Pants song was no longer a very desirable finish for me) and again people are screaming back at me “Man-Friend! Man-Friend!” and it hits me that this may be the most fun I’ve ever had doing a show.
Brat sets up and plays a fucking mind-blowingly good set, and I am glad I had them go on last so that I can enjoy them. I lose my hat shirt, keyboard, CDs, and am too drunk to figure out where shit is.
The music is done by 2 am, and sometime after that I freak about the loss of my keyboard, thinking some freakish obsessed person stole it and was holding it for ransom. It’s important to realize that alcohol had a great role in this stupidity.
The party wound down, I found my keyboard and CDs in the car (put there in a moment of DNA-ingrained responsibility that somehow cut through the haze of my drunkenness hours earlier.) I found my clothes, which Cory had so nicely washed and dried, and then I passed out on the couch.
I woke up and then went to sleep on the floor, on top of an oversized teddy Bear, freezing my ass off and too drunk to come up with any rational solutions for this problem.
Ultimately, I broke even at the door, and everyone had a good time. And in this one night, I was reborn. A part of me that was dead came back, culminating in a new purpose and direction for the man everyone knew as Davey G of Davey G and the Keyboard.
The next few months, I started writing again, the words and the songs that would appear on “Prepare to Be Keyboarded.” And by the end of the summer, I had finished the album. 15 songs worth. How many years had it been? Goddman it was three! It was the return of Davey G. The Kawai X20 and Davey Fucking G. And that’s the history of Davey G.

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