Have you experienced the experience? (2002)

1. Bed (Click to Play!)-Dave continues the first song perfection with this song about the pleasures of sleep.

2. Man-Friend-as punk rock as keyboards can get! A touching tale.

3. I Love Crack-maybe explains the rest of his songs. Great live!

4. Pittsfield’s From Hell-I’ve never been there, and this is why.

5. happy outro-happy outro.

6. Sand-wich (Click to Play!)-the pain of hunger-turning point for the album.

7. STD-sing-along Irish drinking song about lesions and warts. I swear it works!

8. Atari Generation-musically, his best song. To know Dave, you must know what he stands for. Here’s a piece.

9. Photocopy-the “Boppity Bop” of this album. One of my faves; addictive.

10. Breaking the L----Judas Priest covered this , I think. Metal for fans of the B-52’s.

11. Abyss-instrumental, magical, strangely erotic.

12. Milwaukee-Dave holds this one close to his heart. We all have a dream-his is just very odd.

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