Generica (2000)

1.Drinking Beer at Grandmaís House(Click to play!)-a tribute to...well, you know. Kicks off any party or show like nobodyís business.

2. My name is Dave-in my opinion, his first hit song. Hilarious, unrelentingly danceable, and goofy as hell.

3. Why Must We Wear Pants?-a desperate plea from rasta Dave, detailing the plight of the clothed. Lost Marley song?

4. Lotion-performance at its finest. The essence of the live show is in this song. Get away from the stage!!!

5. Kill You-a viscous soft/loud indictment that leaves you wondering who just assaulted you. One of my five faves!

6. Asshole-ever wonder what happens when drunken rednecks find a cowbell on their back porch?

7. Lost in the Misery-mangled piano and layered voice makes this eerie as fuck but itís a perfectly juxtaposed song.

8. 24, Not Punk Anymore-anthem for ex-lampstand punker. I love this song and it even has black flagish guitars.

9. Nervous Breakdown-the name says it all.

10. Fat Action-one for the ladies, some of the best harmony-laden vocal acrobatics of all time.

11.?-If I could describe this, I would. Noisy, crazy, Davey.

12. When the Cream Runs Bad-disturbing bass vocals, great song.

13. Billy W.-from Pittsfield, I donít know him. The accompaniment is limited but this one will never leave your head. Rad.

14. My Feelings-a demented lullaby that is almost at the top of my list. Best commentary on relating to people. Soothing and scathing!

15. Can you tape that?-this song scares me. I donít want to talk about it.

16. Bowl Games-Tropicalia tinged ditty bout shit, that slips into a Police cover. This song is much too short.

17. Ray-short song that sets up my all-time favorite.

18. Boppity Bop-this is the best fucking song! An in depth political commentary on veganism and animal testing...just kidding. Brilliant.

19. Theme song for a sci-fi discussion show-no vocals...just keyboard mastery from a lost Twilight Zone episode.

20. You Just Made My List.- ďKill YouísĒ best friend. Great end to a fucking great album.

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