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The Best of Thunder Johnson: a novel in zine form from the author of the Davezine!
TJ Cover
Hanson West is about to have a terrible mishap at his job at the cable access station…

West woke up from the brief nap, alarm going off as he opened his eyes and wiped the sleep from them. He put his glasses back on and took a look at the screen, getting ready to switch over to the required PSAs. And then he stopped.
It was him, bare-ass naked on the screen, going down on the college girl in one of his homemade porno films, “The Best of Thunder Johnson.”
“Oh s%#*!”
He ejected the tape just as he was getting to the climax, and quickly threw on the Ronald Ronaldson Report, just as the phone behind him in the Control Center started ringing…

This book was written as a result of my participating in the 2008 National Novel Writing Month.
The Best of Thunder Johnson.
By David G. Cookson
Author of “Davezine”
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