Davey G and the Keyboard Genesis and early History and later history encompassing the present and maybe even the future.

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Part 3: 2002-2005--the drought
It was an expected part of the cycle. After the good 2 years of my rise, it was pretty much obvious that I couldnít keep it going. I think I just got sick of doing what I was doing, or I ran out of ideas, or I lost some confidence. Whatever, I just decided to retire. I had sputterings of appearances, an open mic here and there. But nothing serious, no new material, nothing that really charged me.
I canít say it was a bad time: I did so much in other areas of my life, traveled, finished college, wrote. But Davey G and the Keyboard was not a part of my life, and as Iíve come to realize, my performances may disappear, but the desire for them never does. It is what I do, it is who I am. I treat every show seriously, I put all that I am into every single performance. I donít care if 5 people show up and hate me, I am still giving all that Iíve got. Because like it or not, for better or worse, I am a performer, and that canít be snuffed out, not even by my own occasionally apathetic self.

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