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December 22, Becky?s House, Pittsfield, Mass. A return to my favorite venue. 16 songs, much like the December 8 party. Two girls took their tops off and some other girl came up and fondled my bare nipples. I start to think that I can make anybody do anything.

December 8. My Living Room. The Davey G. Release Party, with Brat and 10DDM. Good show, 16 songs (I played all but one song from ?Experience?) but Brat definitely stole this show.

November, Winchesters. With only three hours notice, Ian Gary, Big Ben Kennedy and I whip up a show for a small but really great crowd.

September 15, Winchesters. w/Neil Graham and Mike, emcee. Ugh. All the promotion in the world couldn?t have saved this post 9-11 show. Still, both shows were decent. We couldn?t get Neil to leave our house once he came with us after the show, but...
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July 8, The Lionheart Cafe, Albany, New York. Jason Martin gave me some of his set time so I could roll out 9 songs on a fine summer night. The stage was up in a window so I got to moon the people in the street during ?Why Must We Wear Pants??

June 30, Winchester?s Comedy Club, Baltimore, Maryland. w/Jay the Chameleon, Buttahman, Sean Sanford, and Mike Cookson, emcee. Two shows in one night. At the first, for the small crowd, I was Elvis and the Beatles all rolled into one. The second crowd hated me. I was playing the same shit, but basically annoying the shit out of everyone. Songs that are supposed to come off as sadly funny were just sounding like I just had serious issues. But fuckit, I got paid and I drank for free.
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June, Julia's Graduation Party, College Park, Maryland.
An outdoor show! Lots of people were there, but only peripherally watching me. Oh well. Still pretty fun, and the first time I got to use my car for a gig. It beat wheeling my amp on a bicycle.

April, The (old) Ottobar, Baltimore, Maryland.
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I got my shit together a little on this one and did thirty minutes. The sound was good, and I had a good turnout (23 of my closest friends came, plus another 20 or so for the other bands.) Up to this point, my best show.

January, The Yurt at Hampshire College, Amherst, Mass. (Day two of a two day tour with Bromp Treb)
I played in this tiny building that was shaped like a UFO and about as big as yer dad?s tool shed. Half of the 20 or so people liked me and the other half were shaking their heads.

January, (same day) Becky?s house, Pittsfield, Mass. This was a rockin? show where drunk is the way. A bunch of Pittsfield people, a bunch of dancing, I played nineteen fucking songs. I loved that show.
January, Schenectady Cable Access, Schenectady, New York. (Day one of a two day tour with Bromp Treb)
I played in front of a blue screen and they superimposed video of old people line dancing and a family jumping up and down on a trampoline. It was weird not having an audience, but later when I saw the video, I realized it wasn't bad. I actually had to go through my set twice because the first time around the guys at the studio forgot to put the tape in. Thats cable access for ya I suppose.

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