Davey G's Diary
by Davey G.

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Saturday, May 18th, Spotlighters, 817 St Paul St, Baltimore. (Between Madison and Read in the basement of the Madison Apartment building.)
The Early Monday Morning Show is up at 9pm, doing their last show at Spotlighters. Davey G. in for a guest spot (maybe one or two songs). Then at 11pm, the very last episode of Charm City Dreams, an ongoing comedic soap opera.
I played Man-friend, sTD's, and Breaking the Law, but i am rusty and not too sharp at this one. still, not a bad time.

April 24, Winchester's Comedy Club. The Davey G. Variety Show.

Part 2! Ian Gary does Popeye and Bruce Lee, Will from Brat played his pop tunes, the screaming puppets were a friggin riot, Brat once again kicked ass, and my show was pretty much standard.

April 14,Creative Alliance, 413 S. Conkling Street, Highlandtown
Davey G. goes Cable Access! Davey G. and the Keyboard on a cable access talk show. I played "Man Friend", then did an interview, then played "STD" as my closer. I'll let you know when they air it.

February 27, Winchester's Comedy Club. The Davey G. Variety Show.

variety show

New Years Eve, 2001-2002. My Living Room. A lot like Dec. 8 (same lineup) only worse.

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