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by Davey G.

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3-31 Mobtown Theater at Meadow Mill
Benefit for Autism Awareness!

Davey G and the Keyboard, Frank Hong, Larry XL, Jessica Paquin and Mike Aronin
This show was held at the Mobtown Theater in Woodberry, a facility with an estimated seating capacity of 68. It has a bar (from which they allow you to bring your drinks into the theater) and a good sized stage for comedy, with good lighting and decent sound. There are no bad seats--basically, a good venue for a comedy show.
Turnout was fairly good and the crowd seemed to respond well to everyone.
Mike Aronin killed at this show, which was a benefit for Autism. Mike has Cerebral Palsy and uses it to its fullest comedic potential. Rather than a liability, he uses it to make all the handicapped jokes that no other comic can do without fearing being lynched; jokes about piloting airplanes and jerking himself off while trying to put on a condom. Twice.
Larry XL kept the crowd into it with a routine about Cluck U chicken, Jessica Paquin pulled off a white trash from Texas persona, Frank Hong deadpanned his way through a very funny 15 minutes, to introduce me at the end.
I cut my show much shorter than usual to try to milk the funny and cut the fat. I did sandwich, grandma, wash the dish (think I fucked up but lately I've gotten to the point where I can do that and still not have anyone notice), Bed, the I Love Crack and STDs unpleasant subject song couplet, (to which at least one couple in the audience considered walking out but didn't) Photocopy (only ever played that song in front of a crowd once), Milwaukee, then the Lotion bit (which killed at this show--its always good to know that no matter how bad things are going, this is still coming to save me at the end), then Man-Friend (I think I got some lotion in my mouth and it made it harder to get through this), closing with Breaking the Law. I then was greeted by Greg Hall (the organizer of the show) with a mop and bucket, which I used to clean off all the lotion that had been spattered onstage.
This will be my last show for a bit, as I take a short break to write more songs and finish my next Davezine, Davezine Number 12, which will be Low Level Bureaucrats 2-(Karl) Love Story. I have a reading coming up in 2 weeks. I think I'm going to push for a Davezine release party in June. Stay tuned.

There is life in Pittsfield!!!

Source of the Nile, North Street. Next to the Bagel store., Pittsfield, MA

I grew up in this town during the early '90s, and was in a semi-retarded sounding punk band called Lampstand. Pittsfield has apparently gone through some changes since I left. One of the problems with Big City Mentality is that everything is taken for granted. Everyone just looks at Baltimore and treats it with total disregard because it's not New York, "the scene sucks", blah blah, whatever. And then I think about what it was like when I grew up in a town that really sucked, and definitely was not New York and there was no "scene." The kids in Pittsfield are doing something really great--they are making their own scene, shunning the whole "Club" mentality and making something out of the ashes of a decaying post-industrial city. And from what I saw this Saturday, it's turning out pretty damn well.

Source of the Nile is a store on the main drag in downtown Pittsfield, which hosts punk shows on a certain Saturday every month. The store appears to sell a variety of things, like video games, records, various old toys and books. I cannot stress enough on how overwhelmed I was by the fact that something like this existed in my hometown, the same town where historically, anything progressive or cool was instantly stymied or shut down. But here I was on a Saturday night, surrounded by punks and just various other kids, in a store that would not have been out of place in any big and supposedly "cooler" city. Here we all were as something like 8 or 9 bands took the stage and the energy never seemed to let up.

I can't really do a band review as such, but I'll just say through a lineup of ska, hardcore, punk, etc., there were around 50 people crammed into this store space, completely supportive of everyone. I felt maybe a little old (and I'd been driving 7 hours to get here) and had to wait around. But once I got started, I could not believe how the response was.

I played a 15 song set--sloppily, but no one seemed to care. I had fans right up front yelling my lyrics at me, totally into it. It seemed like every time I looked down to change the setting on the keyboard, I expected them to be gone, but they weren't. I finished, covered in lotion and disoriented as usual, but surrounded by the love of the really hard core fans, the ones who actually listened to my music enough to know it by heart. I never thought I'd get love in Pittsfield.

My hat is off to the owner of Source of the Nile. Anyone reading this--if you're up in Pittsfield, or going through, take some time and drop in. He is a supportive leader in a town that needs it. I did not have anything like this when I was growing up--I urge you to support him and keep a good thing going.

Images by 1L productions.
I now have three things coming up--a show in Pittsfield, Mass (the hometown, the subject of the Lance Ross classic "Pittsfield's from hell") on March 18, the show at the Mobtown Theater in Baltimore on March 31, and a very special reading on April 18 at the Cockeysville branch of the Baltimore County Public Library. They have a 'zine collection and apparently found me and asked if I'd do a reading there. The Mass. show is the result of having some people up there that are big fans (apparently) and from having thebeatmachine playing out of there again to help facilitate things.


Pittsfielders unite!
Apparently the myspace thing is helping make inroads with the old hometown crowd, which is great. I am hoping to get back up to Pittsfield some time and play a show, like a punk rock field trip to my past. I don't think I've played up there since maybe late 2001, the time those two girls walked around the party topless--I woke up my passed-out brother to get him to look, and he grunted "They ain't fuckin' me," and went back to sleep.

I?ve been given some information about the next show, and it is up on the site. I've performed with Frank and remember Mike Aronin, and I think Larry XL was back from my Winchester's days.

Friday, March 31st 10:30pm.
MC--Mike Aronin. with Frank Hong, Larry XL and Jessica Paquin. For directions or more info go to www.mobtown.net . Reservations can be made thru their site on Missiontix. Shows are $10 w/ a full weekend pass available for $35.

That's what it says for now. I've got about a month to get ready--but I'm not as worried 'cause I'm still sort of fresh from the last one.

Davey G's Vegas Wrap-up
While I was in Las Vegas my girlfriend gave a potential new fan my web site address. Later, as I was playing craps at a table that was facing the open air of the Strip, the guy yelled "Davey G!" (even though he doesn't know me and has never heard my music) and it made us smile. A new fan? I can only hope.
I have a show on the horizon for March 31. Details are still forthcoming, but it's that benefit I've mentioned before.

Talking Head Show, Thursday, February 9

With Frank Hong, T-Rex, Chris Havel, Doug Powell.

Admittedly, I was a little skeptical of a comedy show at a rock club, but it went pretty well. Turnout was good, a lot of people from my mailing list showed, and all the others brought in people from their work and friends. The crowd was supportive (40-45 guests? I forgot to do a head count) and laughed for the comics. They all did well and I don?t think we lost too many.
I had a great level of energy when I took the stage at the end. It was about 12:45, after all the stand-ups had gone on. T-Rex introduced me--I felt bad because I had to rush the stage to set up while he was doing his thing, but he wanted to get off anyway.
I started with Sandwich, then Grandma, Wash the Dish, and did 14 songs. I wore my sunglasses and the brown striped sport coat, on top of my ?NY Sucks? T-shirt which inspired the ?Giuliani Time? song. I threw in a bullshit ?intermission? where I hit the keyboard demo and ran off stage. I?m not sure if it worked, but it did give me the break I needed. I resumed with Only Girl For Me. I got to the lotion bit and began rolling around on the floor. The mixture was watery and clumpy and extra gross. I switched off to my regular glasses and ended with Man-Friend and Breaking the Law.
I think I did a strong set, heavy on the funny and lesson the self-indulgent crap that everyone hates (Actually, I did pretty much a variation of my usual set minus a few of my standards): a 9.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. (A ?10? would have been if the place had sold out.) I think this show should is what Davey G. shows should be like--no crapping out, no forgetting, and lots of energy.

Today is the day. My first show in 2006, my first since the One Twice show on October 15. I feel ready, for the most part. I have a 15 song set, plenty of batteries, lotion?all we need are people to show up.
Everything sounds pretty good. New songs interspersed with old classics, phasing out of some things, introducing new ones. Consider it the first new step on the way to a bigger and better Davey G.
No better chance to get out and see me again, or for the first time. Next one might not be 'til April.

This will be my setlist for Thursday:
Wash the Dish
I love Crack
Giuliani Time
I got lost on the way to the zoo
You?re the only girl for me
Atari Generation
Breaking the Law
I may add or subtract but this list of 13 has the advantage of 5 strong starters and 3 strong finishers. Getting a set just right is a tricky business, especially with something that is supposed to be a comedy act. I bought some new clothes, now just need to squeeze in some practices and stop fucking around with this internet shit.
I'm going to slowly put up more flyers on this site for past shows. I will probably send out a final e-mail about this show coming up. Things are also looking good on the charity show. Stay tuned.
Here is Josh's current design for the Davey G. and the Keyboard T-shirt:
site pix 005
I think it looks pretty good, though I want him to change the letters. Hopefully we can get these done sometime next month.
I might need to get some comedians to do a show in April. But it sounds like it might be do-able.
I think I lost my set-list. Maybe that?s not such a bad thing.
I just practiced for about 45 minutes, just going over the songs in no particular order. The fact that I feel less than 100 percent is contributing to a general lack of productivity today. It affected my writing earlier. I have no idea what?s wrong, or if I'm picking up some sort of residual sickness or what. I hope it passes soon.
So I'll rework the song order. Next time out I'll write out my set list.
So far:
Wash the dish
Are my choices for the opening three--key to getting the audience into it early. I find that a good set-list is essential to a good show. Wish I didn?t feel like garbage.
Feel slightly sick today.
I have the possibility of a show or two coming up. One is for charity, the other is for my old school. I have no idea if either one will come through. I just want to keep plugging away at this website, since it is the tool I want to use to work for me in getting people to come to my shows, give me more shows, or buy my shit. Josh has a design for t-shirts which I haven?t seen yet, but I?m looking into the prospect of having some ready by the end of next month .
Less than two weeks til my next show at the talking head. Chris gave me a very small amount of flyers to promote it, but he?ll have more Monday. A lot of people tell me they're coming, but I?ve learned not to hold my breath, just hope for the best. I really need to focus on practicing--if I felt less sluggish I would do a little now. Cross my fingers and hope these other shows come through--I might make some money off of the school gig.
I haven?t been able to do much with this site for the last week or so due to a lot of stuff going on. Now I feel the need to make a big push for this next show.
I have been trying to assemble a set of the best of what?s funny and then practice it often. I have gotten used to an order that I think would be wise to alter. If I get sick of the songs or the routine I?m sure it comes out in my performance.
The site, prior to last week, has gone through massive changes. I am trying to make it better, little by little, which I think is noticeable in the discography pages. Today I?m working on minor changes and trying to get it so that the first thing people will see is the flyer for the next show. I want to continually update this thing so that it will motivate people to come back and check. If you're reading and in pain, maybe you could let me know.
These are the flyers Chris sent me, which are preliminary. I think I'll put the first one on the front page of the site. Haven't practiced much this week. I think next week I will move my stuff back into the studio and try doing rehearsal at full volume and work on the stage show. I want to put a little more into things like costume and presentation.

Finally I have music up on this site! It?s still not how I want it to be, but finally, this is closer to what it needs to be. My friend Doug put up the page for music and now I just have to figure out how I want it to look.
Apparently I will be the closer at the February 9th show. Chris made some flyers (or preliminary flyers) and will have them done soon. This is a comedy show so it?s probably good for me to go on last--it has been my experience that comedians never fare well after music. Now I just hope my stuff comes out okay.
And as a side note--I just tried to buy Opening Day Orioles tickets at the stadium, but that is just not possible, even minutes after the 2006 tickets are supposed to be on sale. Apparently, you have to be a season ticket holder or be blowing the bird or something to get O. D. tix. No wonder why I wrote Giuliani Time.

This next show will be in a little over a month (February 9), and I?ve decided to make it a little heavier on the funny and less on the ?experience.?
I always do ?Abyss,? off of the 2nd album because it has no words and gives my vocals a chance to recover, but I realize it doesn?t really do anything for my set, especially if people are there for the funny stuff. I?m going to semi-retire ?Hi-Five,? since the situation it describes is no longer relevant (though I still really like the song.) I may rearrange the song order, to make it feel a little more fresh.
I think I really need to work on the sound, comfort, and energy level throughout a show. My amp is on the fritz, so I may take it to my friend to see what he can do with it.

For now, this log will be more related to general Davey G. projects as well as shows. I have over the years received notices from people who used to know me and have looked me up via my website and have decided it might be interesting to give people a more direct experience. For now I have a show coming up in February at the Talking Head, which I am happy about because I am not the main force promoting it. I have been hoping to build up more sales for my new CD--so far I have made my money back but I?d like more people to find it on the web site. Unfortunately I can?t get my music up here yet but hope to soon.

Today I got e-mail from a guy I used to know in Pittsfield who had' looked at my site. Im pretty excited when I know that these people are still around and might be interested in what I have to say. As I write this I realize that everyone I used to know has hit or is hitting 30. Weird.